Irish Wine Bar

Irish-Influenced Wine-Tasting!

Join your family and friends around the world to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day at this fascinating wine tasting event. We explore the influence Irish people have had on the wine industry over the years.

Provence Art and Wine

Provence Art and Wine

Provence art and wine tasting – the beautiful weather, sensational flora, stunning landscape, have given us some wonderful art and wines.

German Beers

German Beers N°1: The South

Learning about German beers is the key to understanding ale in general. Grab some of the listed bottles and taste them with other beer lovers.

Languedoc Art and Wine

Languedoc Art and Wine

The Languedoc region is famous for wine, and also the dozens of amazing artists that have basked and thrived in its wonderful light and colours.

Vegan & Vegetarian Wine

What constitutes Vegan Wine? Wine is made from grapes and yeast. The only ingredients in beer – at least according to the Reinheitsgebot – areView More