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Simply put, Sean ‘knows’ wine

I’ve attended several of these events. Simply put, Sean ‘knows’ wine. His enthusiasm and stories make for lots of fun. It’s impossible not to pick up new interesting facts (either about wine or art or a region…)!

Works astonishingly well online too

Brian Kelly

I love Sean’s wine tastings.

I love Sean’s wine tastings. He is absolutely dedicated to wine, wine making, wine makers and wine history. He knows exactly, what he’s talking about, all backgrounds, stories, different methods of creating wines, including perfect food combinations going with the wines. He also creates a very relaxed atmosphere during the wine tastings, even online. I think he was one of the first offering online wine tastings during the COVID phase. But I can‘t wait to participate in face to face wine tastings again soon.

Monika Heimburger

Great fun wine tastings – both in person and on-line

I have attended lots of wine-tasting events organised by Sean, both in person as well as on-line. They have all been great fun. There is always a theme but these vary between regions, types of wine, grape varieties or other subjects. Sean provides easily accessible but insightful background information. These are combined with information about art, the regions, history, food, etc. The events attract a good crowd of people and the conversation is very open , friendly and inclusive.

The first on-line wine-tastings (an idea I was initially sceptical about, but which offer different opportunities than a face-to face meeting) were with Sean and these have also worked very well.

I really recommend Sean’s events.

Marek Filipiak

I can’t recommend Sean’s sessions enough

Sean has run a number of wine-tastings during the covid-19 era, covering a range of topics, and I have attended 5 or 6. They are always relaxed but informative affairs, where Sean passes on some of his wide knowledge and encourages the participants to share their experiences. These have been great fun during this time and I have looked forward to them. It’s nice to be among friends and to learn at the same time and I can’t recommend Sean’s sessions enough.

Mark Cleasby

Probably the most enjoyable thing you can do on Zoom!

Thanks Sean for facilitating an enjoyable and informative evening for the ECL team!
Wish I could remember all the tips and info you gave us.
Don’t forget if you need any help on identifying acidic wine my scalp is available at competitive rates!

Richard Hayman

Thank you very much!

Morning Sean. Just to say, thank you very much indeed for yesterday. Everyone really enjoyed it. You are an excellent host, and we loved your pace, knowledge and approach. Thank you! David.

David Maddox
Maddox Planning

Another great tasting event

Another great tasting event and I really enjoyed it. My take away from the night, no need to try any new world Pinot Noir under 20 euro. Spätburgunder is truly value for money and now I’d like to get a premier one to compare with a burgundy red.

Homer Dong

Perfect event – danger of repetition

I’ve been participating in several of Sean‘s Wine Tasting Events and can highly recommend it. It‘s
always fun combined with amazing wines/ drinks and lovely people. Sean has a profound knowledge and is passionate in hosting his guests. Perfect event – danger of repetition 😊

Janine Mueller

Definitely recommend it.

I loved this event. I thought I knew wine until Sean starting speaking. He introduced us to wines I had never even heard of before. His presentation was delivered in an relaxed way giving a fun atmosphere to the event. Definitely recommend it.


Entertaining host

Sean was a great and entertaining host and his knowledge of wine lore is encyclopedic! A well spent evening.


Great fun, indeed.

Great fun, indeed. And Sean takes his preparation seriously and presents really interesting facts. Thanks to him and to Monica. We hardly saw her, but I think Monica was running the whole electronic conference.