High End Wines

High End Wines 

Every now and then it is time to treat ourselves to some high end wines, and use the occasional to learn more about the techniques and terroirs in use to produce them to such high qualities.


Our professional Sean has over 20 years of knowledge and experience, having lived in France for 15 of those years while studying the wine industry and befriending the wine makers. His teaching experience shows in his presentation manner where he imparts his wealth of knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere.



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“Great fun, indeed. And Sean takes his preparation seriously and presents really interesting facts. Thanks to him and to Monica. We hardly saw her, but I think Monica was running the whole electronic conference.”
Simon Pinotage

High End Wine Tasting Themes


Champagne Corporate Tasting

World’s most festive tipple

Champagne – a lesson in QA

Reims or Troyes? Majority Chardonnay or Pinot? Malo or not? Maison or Grower-Champage? Brut or zéro dosage? Oak or steel? Rosé saigné or assemblage? So many questions!


Cognac Polignac

Masterclasses in innovation


Twenty years ago you could not give away Languedoc wine …


Super Tuscans

The exception that proves the rule?

Super Tuscans

The Italian wine industry was faced with a regulation crisis when Chianti producers decided to reinvent their product. The reaction from the authorities was surprising. What can we take from this story, other than two glasses of beautiful Tuscan wine?


Bordeaux Wines

The marketing (and distribution) miracle


How did Bordeaux achieve its unparalleled pre-eminence in the wine world?