Business Themed Wine Tastings

Wine Quizzes and Games

Whether for team building at your company, or simply some good fun with a group of friends, we have developed over many years some unique activities around wine tasting and learning. Our wine quizzes allow you to practise your newly acquired wine skills, which you will obtain during the online wine tasting.


Interactive Wine Quizzes and Games



You can choose how competitive you would like to be! We can organise a serious quiz, or just a few test questions at the end of a fun packed tasting event.

We are currently running these events online so you can sign up with your overseas friends and reconnect with a common goal – drinking wine while enriching your knowledge.



“Hi Sean and Monica,
thanks for the meetup yesterday. It was really enjoyable again. Now we know about English/British wine and cheese better. See you next time!”
Jinhwa Lee

Wine Themed Games

Employ Senses

Blind Tasting

Wine Identification

Blind Tasting

During an initial presentation where you will will about the characteristics of selected wines you will attempt to identify by tasting each one blind. No pressure – just fun!

Team Work

Fantasy Wine Cellar
Fantasy Wine Cellar

Unique Tasting Game

Fantasy Wine Cellar

Developed by our wine professionals this is a fun team game where you will collaborate and debate to choose the correct combination of features for each wine tasted.

Teaching Tasting

Literary Wine Quotes

Wine Learning

Wine Quiz

At the end of each wine tasting you can taste your newly learnt knowledge with some questions based on the presentation.