Business Themed Wine Tastings

Business Themes 

 Here at Winetastrs we can prepare and deliver fascinating and fun events for your colleagues or clients. Speak to us about customising some business themes which are most relevant to your company or industry.


Our professional Sean has over 15 years of knowledge and experience, to help you find the right program for your particular employees or clients. 

Team Building Events

Can your team members work together well enough to solve this diabolically difficult wine identification challenge?

They will taste 6 classic bottles while listening to descriptions, facts and clues from the attendant wine expert.


Interactive Wine Quizzes

Through a combination of teamwork, communication and deduction they then try to identify the year, grape, nationality, region and key characteristic of each wine. No team will get 100%, but the group that delegates, listens and works together best will prevail.


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“Sean is really passionate and was a really nice host. We enjoyed our night very much and recommend this event to everyone!”
Babbel team

Tried and Tested Themes

Quality Control

Champagne Corporate Tasting

Team Building Tasting

Champagne – a lesson in QA

Champagne is possibly the most consistent luxury product in the world …


Chateau Monge Languedoc

Masterclasses in innovation

The Languedoc & The Pfalz

Twenty years ago you could not give away Languedoc wine …


Super Tuscans

The exception that proves the rule?

Super Tuscans

The Italian wine industry was faced with a regulation crisis …


Bordeaux Wine Region

The marketing (and distribution) miracle


How did Bordeaux achieve its unparalleled pre-eminence in the wine world?