Wine 1010 Tastings

Wine 101 Tasting Themes

If you know already you enjoy wine but would like to learn more about how it is made and how to decide on the styles you like, join us on my of our regular tasting events. You can also book a private wine 101 tasting event with our wine  professional  Sean. He has over 15 years of knowledge and experience,  plus a level 3 WSET qualification. He has also been running wine tasting events and training courses for many years.  


During Wine 101 tasting events we will go back to basics, talking about how wine is made, what contributes to the different styles. Of course we cannot cover everything in one session so choose from some of our wine 101 themed events.





“I liked very much this very interesting and useful English training about wine styles and it was a great opportunity for me to learn the English terminologies …The teacher has a very charismatic way to present difficult and rare expressions. It has been always a great pleasure to participate in all his seminars.
Thank you”
Agnes Voss

Wine 101 Tastings

How to Taste Wine

Taste Wine like a Pro

Online Tasting

Taste Wine Like A Pro

Learn a real life skill: how to sample, savour and summarise in a way that makes sense, helps you to catalogue your experiences – and impresses your peers.


Wine Styles

Masterclass in Wine Styles

Wine Styles

Really work through the nuances of a particular wine style (for example rosé, fortified wine, or bubbles) by tasting 6 examples that show the different characteristics to look for.

Wine Making Process

Wine Making

Wine Basics

Wine 101

“How to taste”: Six delicious wines, each one exemplifying a different style with its own explanation, history and tasting technique.

Whiskey Tasting

Whiskey Tasting

Whiskey, Malt, Nikka, Bourbon

World-wide Whisk(e)y 101

I will whisk you around the universe of uisce beatha while we will compare and contrast the taste, tradition and techniques of the planet’s classic drams.