Sean Leaf

Sean Leaf

With years of experience living in viticultural regions, importing and exporting wine, and running bars and wine shops, Sean has a lifetime of information, opinion and stories to share.


Sean has been hosting wine tasting events for 15 years, which are beloved by the many regular participants. They focus on wine, beer and Cognac tastings, held around a theme such as country of origin, food pairing or finding more esoteric links with wine; for example mythology, art or veganism.


Sean’s wine choices tend towards vegan and organic grower-wines, from small and independent wineries. Typically he likes to combine classics with little-known discoveries within the same tasting activity.


He has a WSET Level 3 qualification,  a professional business English training certificate from Trinity College London,  and over 15 years hosting wine-tasting seminars. He has also lived and worked in the wine regions of France, exporting wine and running bars and wine shops.

“Learning through tasting is the most fun way to pick up wine knowledge. You will also find out exactly what all those confusing terms mean, and hear great stories about the traditions and wine-makers that make these bottles so delicious. Add in some serious soil, plant and chemistry knowledge, and you have yourself a tasting evening!”

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“Sean was a great and entertaining host and his knowledge of wine lore is encyclopedic! A well spent evening.” Viktor


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Winetastrs Wine 101 Course

Bring your wine knowledge to a deeper level with  Winetastrs detailed wine learning course. You will be able to analyse and choose wines better and understand the wine making process.

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Online Wine Tasting

To enable these events to continue during the Corona Virus Sean has come up with some inventive ways to provide entertaining tastings online. He has created WineTastrs to enable you to reserve a private party or corporate team building activity. These virtual wine gatherings have opened up the possibilities allowing people to reconnect with friends and family around the world in a fun and informative shared activity.


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Your Private Wine-Tasting!

Whether it’s a social evening or a team-building exercise, Sean will draw on 20 years in the business and his WSET qualifications, to explain many wine topics.

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